1. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On May 17, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    awwww hope u feel better C:

  2. Shirley86 avatar

    On May 16, Shirley86 said:

    hey how are you? i love your hair, its awesome!!!!

  3. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On May 16, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    thats cool (: anything new??

  4. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On May 13, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    haha u love the rain? i dance in the rain :]

  5. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On May 12, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    sorry for the late reply. XD
    theres a storm where you live ^^
    im in school o.o

  6. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On May 11, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    hey :D whats up??

  7. tears dont fall avatar
  8. tears dont fall avatar

    On Dec 08, tears dont fall said:

    just a lil sick

  9. tears dont fall avatar

    On Dec 07, tears dont fall said:

    hey how are u

  10. rren avatar

    On Nov 24, rren said:

    Thanks, I'm fine. :} Everything is alright with me.
    I remembered that earlier I liked to chat with you. And I want to renew our communication.
    So I'm interested how are you, how is your life.

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