1. heyshann avatar

    On Aug 30, heyshann said:

    haha yeah id take an extra week of summer!
    we usually get out around june 15th. it feels so late.

  2. heyshann avatar

    On Aug 29, heyshann said:

    haha thanks! your soo lucky. id rather go back in 2 weeks instead of now i feel like im in summer school.

  3. XxBlackMyEyesxX67 avatar

    On Aug 28, XxBlackMyEyesxX67 said:

    thats cool! dude u didnt have to send 3 comments XD

  4. heyshann avatar

    On Aug 28, heyshann said:

    you're so lucky it's only been a week and im so sick of everyone.
    im trying to get my sched switched so i cant actually be in classes with people i like but idk how its gonna work out haha

  5. XxBlackMyEyesxX67 avatar

    On Aug 28, XxBlackMyEyesxX67 said:

    hey thnx 4 the add! sweet ur a hockey player!!

  6. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Aug 28, LilRoach Moe said:

    hmm cant say i know where that is.. but yea.. wildwood was really nice.. i didnt realize there were so many dolphins in nj lol.. we saw them like every morning right off the beach.. they were soo pretty! =]

  7. none at the moment avatar

    On Aug 27, none at the moment said:

    heyy thanks for the request^_^

  8. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Aug 27, LilRoach Moe said:

    cool cool =] and im doin alright.. not ready for school to start back up again.. but cant really help that lol so u live in NJ eh?.. i was just in wildwood NJ for vacation like a week and a half ago haha.. it was pretty nice.. u like it down there?

  9. KeNNy avatar

    On Aug 27, KeNNy said:

    What is it? ..if I may ask..
    well, I'm absolutely not looking forward to school... not at all =/

  10. heyshann avatar

    On Aug 26, heyshann said:

    yeah my school sucks too we have a ton of drama.
    so many bitchy girls too. ugh.

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