people need to talk!

Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 7:08 PM By: Chels.10

hiiiii! it's like freaking 3am here in old Scotland, cold as shit, obviously. my big ass dog is about to fall of my bed. i am soooo tired but sooo hyper and bored. now, normally when you ask what people are upto you dont get much replies. but c'mon people! when i first joined this site it was lively! i want the life back to it(: so, how was your summer? i want the details of who kissed and told, who said what and where you roaches are! mail me if you wish, you can talk bad about someone to me.. you can tell me what you like about people! JUST GET TALKING PEOPLE! anyway, my summer was great. have met sooo many new people it's unreal. got my nose ring:D also got two new puppies, they are cross dalmation/pitbull, so i got 3 doggies living here now. and i have a house party on friday, very exciting!
Peace out!

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