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About laura_trouble

feel free to add me, but TALK to me ok =D

i'm a brazilian girl, who loves music.
and have no idea about what writes here haha

so... i think i should tell how i became a Papa roach fan, when infest came out i was just a kid, and didnt know a lot about music, but my brother was in a rocker fase haha, so when i heard Between Angels and Insects i thought they are amazing, and since then i love papa roach musics, i remember when they came to brazil it was 2001, i was to fucking young to go soo i saw it from my home, i taped it, i think the tape still in my grandmother house haha, it was an awesome concert i wish i was there. every year i hear A LOT of rummors about they coming over here, but thats never true =/
anyway since 2001 i'm a fan, my brother isnt anymore, but i'm greatfull that his fase got stuck on me =D


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