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    On Mar 04, pink pixie said:


  2. Recklezz avatar

    On Dec 23, Recklezz said:

    Merry Christmas to you!
    haven't heard from you in a while hope you're doing well
    enjoy the holidays!

  3. pink pixie avatar

    On Oct 18, pink pixie said:

    Hey,I'm good thanks. How are you? Been up to much?

  4. Recklezz avatar

    On Oct 16, Recklezz said:

    haha I just realized I wrote u almost the same on facebook whatever
    I'm from Germany btw and yeah... I hate the weather atm

  5. JacobysRecklessPrincess avatar
  6. Recklezz avatar

    On Oct 14, Recklezz said:

    I had my first ‘introductional’ university class (*laughs* hope you get what I mean, I don’t know the right English word) today and besides that I’m not up too much. Freezing actually because it started snowing today oO
    What are you up to?

  7. JacobysRecklessPrincess avatar

    On Oct 13, JacobysRecklessPrincess said:

    thats awesome ya i bet they rocked one of the best papa roach concerts ive been to is when they performed with marilyn manson that was awesome as hell lol

  8. JacobysRecklessPrincess avatar

    On Oct 13, JacobysRecklessPrincess said:

    lol thats cool i bet your glad to be home

  9. pink pixie avatar

    On Oct 13, pink pixie said:

    Sooo wanted to go see Green Day and Enter Shikari to be fair :(!
    Got Biffy Clyro and Paramore to go so far...and anyone else that pops up lol!
    Hope you have a good time tonight :)!

  10. JacobysRecklessPrincess avatar

    On Oct 12, JacobysRecklessPrincess said:

    im ok how are you =]

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