Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 1:35 PM By: LilRoach Moe

Ok is it just me or how many other people are dying just trying to wait for Papa Roach's new album, because I know I'm havin real issues with the whole waiting thing!!! lol ^_^

  1. sammyblot avatar

    On Aug 08, sammyblot said:

    theyre being mean making us wait and wait and wait some more!!!

  2. *~LittleDIRTYGirl~* avatar

    On Jul 31, *~LittleDIRTYGirl~* said:

    Yeah, it really is hard to wait!!!!

  3. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On Apr 04, *Shaddix32* said:

    i kno its like a fucking addiction lol u kno i helped my bro thru rehab well i shouldnt make this joke but im gona i think i may be haveing withdraws from papa roach god i need some new papa roach

  4. waiting for you to finally be one of us avatar

    i find that listening to other bands helps. Zebrahead is cracking me up right now. August Burns Red is one of two bands that i find to be much better than Papa Roach. Muse is good to listen to when you're sleeping. and MuDvAyNe's just good anytime of the day/

  5. vern93 avatar

    On Mar 02, vern93 said:

    i know!!!!! i cant wait an i want them to go bak on tour

  6. havenseesgreen avatar

    On Mar 02, havenseesgreen said:

    ah i need them so bad haha i cant wait for this album!

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