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MMM What can I say about me theirs really nothing to me .. My Names Lindsey.. I've been a fan of Papa roach ever since the Last Resort video first came out on MTV . The guys were my first ever rock show and I hold that close to my hart. I'm a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan and Staind/Aaron Lewis fan, next to Papa Roach the guys in A7X and Staind are my all time favorite band.

i promote bands local or big it doesn't matter, if i like the band ill help them out anyway i can. Going to rock shows is one of my favorite things i like to do , spending time with friends and family is another thing i like doing, I'm a big wrestling fan also,been Training to be a referee for awhile now in a school called OSW.
Being on the papa roach riot rocks .. everyone is awesome if anyone would like to add me go ahead..just let me know if you do so i can keep tabs.

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