1. RoCk TwInS avatar

    On Feb 22, RoCk TwInS said:

    Remember us? :D
    How are you? Sup? :3

  2. ayaroach avatar

    On Jun 26, ayaroach said:

    hey how are you? :)

  3. LillySykes avatar

    On Nov 11, LillySykes said:

    I'm from germany :)

  4. LillySykes avatar

    On Nov 10, LillySykes said:

    Hey, thanks for exepting :) I'm alright :) and you ?

  5. LillySykes avatar

    On Nov 09, LillySykes said:

    Hey Roacher!! Nice profile picture :)

  6. nailsforbreakfast avatar

    On Nov 08, nailsforbreakfast said:

    hey, mister! how have you been?

  7. casr95 avatar

    On Oct 12, casr95 said:

    good so far... but it's boring just sitting here not knowing what to do ;) as every day

  8. casr95 avatar

    On Oct 11, casr95 said:

    thanks for accepting, how are you? :)

  9. IntoTheRiot avatar

    On Sep 24, IntoTheRiot said:

    I think half your comment got eaten. xD
    And uhm, no. I don't have skype.

  10. IntoTheRiot avatar

    On Sep 21, IntoTheRiot said:

    I think nobody can really wait for the new album anymore. :D By judging the songs I've already heard from it, it's going to be amazing. c:
    Yes, I know! I like Three Days Grace, too. I'm looking forward to their new record as well. c: Have you already listened to the song Chalk Outline?
    I hope you'll get to see them then! They always put up a badass show. And yes, I've already seen them two times actually. :D Never met them though. But all good things come by three, don't they? xD

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