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Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 1:35 PM By: Kaitlyn BriannaMarie Leonard

I have been up since like 6:50 this morning and I have been so bored since, I even played dressup with my halloween makeup and costume, and pretended to be a vampire, and even dance like crazy to songs by Paramore. And NOTHING is entertaining me >_< This is boring! Why can't we be at school, and it not be a weekend? Lol. At least, I'd have something to do. And now I am sad because I just heard that we have to move out. I don't wanna leave this house, and if we move it better not be too far from my boyfriend and school. Or I will be really upset. Still can't think of a song to write, I have heartburn really bad today, and I am fricken bored out of my fricken mind! Lol, and I miss my boyfriend already. grrrrrr! >_< I need something to do with my life lol. Well.. Talk to y'all later.

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    well that just sucks

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