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About luvnjacoby

I am Married and have 2 children. I love my friends and would do anything for them.
I love music and i honestly couldn't live without it. Rock is my first love, but I also like dubstep, rap, pop, or anything with a beat, well, except for country(too depressing and it all sounds the same to me).
I am a laid back person, but I dont take shit either. I am not afraid to put you in your place if needed, but this is usually a last resort. I am a smartass and will most likely always have a comeback. I always have to have the last word in an argument. I am always up for a good time. I love concerts and FOOTBALL! Huge Carolina Panthers fan. I would give up just about anything to go to a Panthers game or a Papa Roach concert! NEVER a dull moment!

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