1. Mrs. Gates avatar

    On Jul 17, Mrs. Gates said:

    Hi! How Are U?!

  2. pRman89 avatar

    On Apr 21, pRman89 said:

    I'm doin alright, gettin a little stressed because finals are next week but not too bad. How r u?

  3. Angelbstar avatar

    On Apr 20, Angelbstar said:

    hi ^_^ how ru ? ^_^


  4. xoxotakaraxoxo avatar

    On Apr 20, xoxotakaraxoxo said:

    Hey! Thx for the request! How are you?

  5. Busta avatar

    On Apr 20, Busta said:

    hey there! wecome to pr.com :D

  6. pRman89 avatar

    On Apr 20, pRman89 said:

    Thnx. Nothin much just going to school, whats up with you?

  7. Fed avatar

    On Apr 20, Fed said:

    Welcome to PRoach Riot. Whats up?

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