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    On Oct 11, RoachKitty said:

    Och du, kein Ding, ich bin zwar zur Zeit wieder öfter hier unterwegs, aber dafür findet man mich nicht mehr im deutschen Forum, nachdem ich aus Versehen gelöscht wurde und mich neu anmelden durfte -.-"

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    On Apr 06, RoachKitty said:

    Man hat mich ja lange nimmer zu sehen bekommen *lach* Wie geht es dir so? Alles klar? Bei mir jetzt schon, da ich nu wieder Internet und somit Kontakt zu meinen Leuten im Netz haben kann. Was gibts Neues bei dir?
    Liebe Grüße Kitty

  3. vern93 avatar

    On Oct 05, vern93 said:

    how have u been hows italy going? ahh its been awhile lol. well me..my bday was the 28th..like a week or 2 ago so im 17 now...umm i saw papa roach saturday for the 7th time and met jacoby : ) again haah i will have to post the pic..ive had alot of hw and been soo busy. my unlce was visiting from california and just left today. ohh and my band is going good..for the most part lol we r making progress and might play our first show on halloween XD hope u r well..talk to u soon

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    On Sep 12, vern93 said:

    heyyy hows italy?? i hope all is well : ) and awww haha thats kinda how us people in FL look at tourists lmao like not all but alot of ppl in FL are pretty tan cuz its soo sunny so when pale white tourists from the north come down here we just laugh cuz u can tell they arent from here XD but still people should talk to u. anywayss school is going ok..just alot of work mainly from AP bio..everything else is good. and have u heard the new proach album yet?? : ) i love it! i got it the day it came out and have been blasting it in my car..im seeing them for the 7th time oct 2nd lol. hmm what else oh i saw disturbed/ A7X last sunday and skillet this past friday. now tonight im just gonna watch the VMAs..my throat kinda hurts : / well i hope all is well with u : ) take care!

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    On Sep 10, samuka said:

    hey! thx! italy? nice! what do you study? I dont know Incomedia, it's nice? Yeah, I work with webdesgin about six years!

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    On Sep 09, samuka said:

    hey ya! how r you? ;)
    I'm new here! nice 2 meet you!
    where r u from? :D

  7. vern93 avatar

    On Aug 28, vern93 said:

    heyy : ) how is italy? have u met any people? ohh thats awesome that ur bf is with u for a few weeks : ) and happy late bday!!!!!!!! lol anywaysss hopefuly it wont be too bad when ur bf leaves but at least u can enjoy the time u have together now.well its the weekend thank god lol. the first week of school is over and im tired. i already want summer back. i have soo much hw and im just kinda of stressed but oh well i just need to get use to it all and back to being in school. summer was nice but now its time to work : / anyways i did absolutly nothing today and was home alone so maybe tomorrow will be better. anyways take care and i hope u are having an awesome time in italy : )

  8. vern93 avatar

    On Aug 14, vern93 said:

    aww well i hope u are adjusting to everything in italy : ) im sorry u r lonely but hopefuly u will meet people and become friends with the people u work with? im sure it will all work out and ur time will fly by when u r there. ohh ya i cant sleep when its noisy either lol id have to wear earplugs or something haha but r u kinda use to the noise now? and that sucks its expensive..ive heard italy has lots of shopping so maybe u could save up to buy something XD idk anyways i hope all is well : ) i have 1 week left of summer and i was up all night last night at a lock in lol so im very tired..i went to bed at like 6am, it was fun we played games and mini golf and lazer tag but now i need sleep. well talk to u soon : )

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    On Aug 02, vern93 said:

    its ok..have a safe trip!!!!! have fun : ) im sure the 3 months will fly by and u will learn the language. u will have to tell me about while your there XD my friend just took a vacation to italy and she said it was beautiful and lots of places to shop haha. well i cant believe school is starting back for me in about 3 weeks : / summer flew by! but i got a bass today : ) i play guitar but want to learn bass plus i might be the bass player in my friends band. well hope all is well!

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    On Jul 21, vern93 said:

    thats awesomeee! glad u had fun : ) proach is always aweosme..last time i saw them in may was a festival too and i waited all day on the barricade cuz they were the 2nd to last band to play. anywaysssss thats awesoome u met them : ) ive met jacoby but thats it. how do u always get back to the bus? lol the one club show i went to i waited by the busses but at the festival i was at idk where the busses were an u cant just walk back there like at a club lol. did u take pics? and on twitter i asked jerry if they has a US tour planned and he said one in the works but nothing confermed so i hope before the end of the yr they will come back to florida XD and im sorry about ur finger, sounds like it hurts! and ive been ok..kinda bored..but friday is warped tour : ) so im super excited lol. how have u been?

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