Today Work/Outing I overdressed

Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 5:43 PM By: dianam

So today I go to work at 5am. At work everyone makes fun of me cause of Papa Roach thats all I talk about. We have 2 new girls and they know all about my Papa Roach concerts. One of the new girls likes to tease me about Papa Roach she says they suck. I think she is crazy. I just laugh at her. They tell me I say the words Papa Roach way too much. They even came up with a nickname for me. They are going to call me "Mama Roach" I didnt get it till I got home. Papa Mama I dumb. lol
My mom helps me with my daughter when I go to concerts and she said if I am leaving for a week I have to take my daughter to this get together for Easter. Easter is my favorite holiday but I am focussed on May. So the other day i went shopping got a dress. I dont like dresses but I got one. So I wore a dress and got to this place where they are doing a picnic everyone is in shorts and a t-shirt but me , my daughter and my bf. Here is a picture of what I wore I was way overdressed.


  1. eLsA420 avatar

    On Mar 30, eLsA420 said:

    I think u look nice. & whoever talks bad about Papa Roach can go to hell. I will back u up Mama Roach!!! =D

  2. *Steph avatar

    On Mar 27, *Steph said:

    Who cares if you're overdressed, it's pretty!
    And I talk too much about Papa Roach, too. When your teachers know that they're your favorite band? That's a bit much. =)

  3. billyrock avatar

    On Mar 27, billyrock said:

    You look so lovely girl!! Everyone else was underdressed!
    Ya, I can relate about talking about Papa Roach to people that don't want to hear it!
    Oh well, it is our favorite topic!!........and you are the # 1 Roach fan Girl!!!
    Great Picture Diana!

  4. callmeasyouwant avatar

    On Mar 27, callmeasyouwant said:

    Whoooooaaaaaaaaaa! Wonderful!

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