Thought I was done with weeds.

Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 4:27 PM By: dianam

Last week or sometime ago I pulled weeds in front yard. One day i was putting my dog in the backyard and saw the yard covered in weeds. Weeds the size of little trees. Yesterday morning I pulled half the yard its a small yard too, but it took me 2 hours and I am still not done this is a picture of it. There is a slide to the left of picture the weeds were about to pass it thats how high they were. My thighs are sore from the squatting. It hurts when I get up so when I got off this site it is going to hurt to stand up.


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    On Mar 30, dianam said:

    lol yeah, I got 3 packs waiting for me to eat. I would rather do it myself. More Papa Roach money and its a work out to.

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    On Mar 30, eLsA420 said:

    DAMN those are some pretty tall weeds, though those are not the kinda weeds I like. LOL hey btw i tried those coconut m&ms and they were pretty damn good! good luck gettin the rest of your yard done, im lazy i wouldve hired someone to do it for me. =D

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