your love is deadly

Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 10:46 AM By: Mannddiii monnsterrfacee

ok so i wrote a song. i need opinions. {xx} means next line

your love is deadly

you made me feel happy{xx} like ive never felt before {xx} but i still feel so empty {xx} as we start this war.

i cant stand you {xx} i dont want to {xx} your makin me crazy!


your love is deadly {xx} i think youve poisened me again {xx} im startin to feel the pain {xx} this is a battle youve already won {xx} your gonna perish me {xx} your love is deadly!

you said youd be home {xx} but you wont pick up the phone {xx} are you creating something to torture me again {xx} i told you i needed some time for this broken heart to mend

sharp pains run down my neck {xx} im losing my breath {xx} as i fall to the ground {xx} i think youve done it again

chorus-- whispers whisper "is she breathing" {xx} the pain chills through my bones {xx} the i realize my heart isnt beating {xx} and there you stand above me


  1. charlyne avatar

    On Oct 06, charlyne said:

    its very good! im proach would luv it!

  2. abbigail avatar

    On Oct 06, abbigail said:

    its grat man fuck yea BICITH

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