my mom and jacoby

Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 3:20 PM By: Mannddiii monnsterrfacee

so i went to the proach concert on november 17 with my mom and my friend.. it was awsome. then jacoby jumped off the stage. and i got to touch him!! but that isnt the main part. he was walking back to the stage, the same way he got off the stage, my mom got closer to try to take some pics and jacoby saw her, looked at her and pointed at her. then he got really close to her face and widened his eyes really big and raised his eyebrows at my mom and looked at her eyes... after that we were leaving the sears centre and my mom said that he had amazing eyes....

  1. myke avatar

    On Nov 22, myke said:

    Dude, that is crazy! I took my mom, bro, and sis to that concert at the Sears centre too... Afterwords I took my mom to meet him for the second time. I don't know who is a bigger fan of Proach, me or her. I guess it runs in the family.... Wasn't that show really small (attendance)...? What's the deal?

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    On Nov 21, AlmostEmily said:

    hahah your mum rules and she has good taste by the sound of it haha.

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    On Nov 20, PapaR0ach said:

    LOL thats funny... the last show I went to my mom went along too... she thinks jacoby is cute she says! and before that she always though jerry was the hot one! =)

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