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    On Apr 04, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:


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    On Mar 30, Fed said:

    Right on

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    On Mar 30, *L@cE[y]* said:

    right on jade........i totally agree

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    On Mar 30, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:


    its awesome!!!!
    FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the new sound!!!
    its was clear at i listen the first time the new record!!!!!!
    but i think its still the PAPA ROACH STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its like the two sides of the same coin!!!
    i think so!!

    PR changed the sound its clear but got still the same style of music!

    but i think on every album changed PR theirs sound a little bit!

    on every record is a EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!

    so every album was and still is a advancement from PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love all alums from INFEST to METAMORPHOSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love the different sounds and the awesome lyrics!!!

    its not matter which kind of sound PR makes their RULES!
    AND ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VIVA LA CACUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    On Mar 30, *L@cE[y]* said:

    why is everybody hatein on proach's changes!! i have every single papa roach album and i love every single papa roach album.....and NOT once did i ever think about complaining about them!....because i respect them and their changes.......just like every other fucking rock band out there everyone changes their styles. Just look at avenged sevenfold....compare their waken the fallen album to the one that just came out last year.....yea a BIG difference but it's all still kickass music because you respect the band that you love. Papa roach is an amazing band........everything they do comes completely from their hearts..........and as a die hard fan i will continue to follow no matter what!!

  6. Jerry Horton is god avatar

    On Mar 30, Jerry Horton is god said:

    Then i might have to find a new favourite band.
    Uhm. I partially agree. Papa Roach has changed a lot since the beginning, but i dont think thats a problem at all! I think its really cool and awesome that Papa Roach changes, and every band should do like them.
    But their newest album... Its not just different, its a completely new sound, and thats what annoying me. lovehatetradegy was a little bit different, but it still had the "Papa Roach" sound. GAWM was more mainstream rock, but it still had the right sound and feelings in the lyrics. Paramour Sessions was very different, but some of the songs had roots of the older Papa Roach sound. Paramour Sessions was partially good. It wasnt great, neither bad. It doesnt matter if a band makes a few songs or maybe a half album there's completely different, but 2 albums in a row is too much. IMO, Papa Roach has been disbanded and a new rockband has been formed. Im affraid this is going be the last album im gonna buy, but i haven't heard the whole album yet, so i might change my mind, which i hope.
    This is just MY option, and i hope you'll respect other's options.

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