Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 8:44 AM By: !!~*STARS*~!!

Omgggeezzz lol im so sorry for not answering comments... i didnt have the internet for a while we blew up our modem lol! and it was weird not coming online... i actually went outside and did things lol... any who i promise to get to comments.. i miss talking to y'all.... hows everyone been doing....

im not my usual negative self at the moment hehe... might i add i hate mornings... they are sooo overrated!

  1. vern93 avatar

    On Jul 13, vern93 said:

    well thats good u have internet now : ) and im good went to a concert lastnight..donated blood today for warped tour that is next week

  2. billyrock avatar

    On Jul 12, billyrock said:

    Hey Mannie!! Ya, you gota enjoy the outside, its only nice a few months out of the year!! Hope your enjoying your summer? and having some fun!! I haven't been on the computer much since the 3 Papa Roach shows I went to in early june. I've been outside too!! It was nice to see your blog!! Ya, and I miss that Diana too! I have pictures from the concerts Im gona post soon, I hope!
    Take care Mannie!!! We'll chat more soon when the weather gets shitty!!

  3. dianam avatar

    On Jul 12, dianam said:

    Hey, how are you doing? Its good to get outside sometimes.

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