Time for Annihiliation

Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 7:09 AM By: !!~*STARS*~!!

Hola!!!! whats going on my lovely roachies.... mwahahaha long time no blog eh?!?!? (wow im so canadian at the moment) anyhoo i just preordered time for annihilation and i am soo beyond fuckin excited for this album... its the only good news (the preorder) that i have got in a while..... im so stressing cause of finals this week to top it all off my car broke down AGAIN yesterday got another flat tire... and then had to take it to the mechanic.... and fix steering and everything today.... but i shall be happy about the album as i last min cram for an exam today! worth only hmmm 55% of my final grade woo hoo...as you can tell i am soooo beyond hepped up on coffeee mmmmm coffeee......

anyways back to zeee album.... i shall not listen to it until it is in my hands... oh glorious hands haha! sorry i cant wait for this album i hope it gets here on time so i dont go on a witch hunt here trying to find it like what happened when i ordered metamamorphosis haha anyways....

tv here has been advertising kick in the teeth and i have heard it on the radio more than any other proach song.... i hope that means a tour here in the near future... i am so happy for the boys successs EXCITEMENT... now my study group is here so i must vacate.... i will talk to ya'll soon

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    On Aug 04, dianam said:

    Good luck with those exams. I hope you pass. Yes, that is some good news I cant wait for this cd to come out.
    Lol Glorious hands I cant wait to get that TFA in my hands either.

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