Its been awhile

Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 7:34 PM By: !!~*STARS*~!!

i miss blogging! haha its been way to long since ive blogged something personalish! my life isnt that special thats for sure.
Just a quick question though: Does the drama ever end????? at this age i really thought it would've but i guess something never change!

all i can say is Tomorrow is in Our Hands... and we should make the best of it!

see im alot more positive these days (or i try to be)

also as a reminder if people read this: Dont forget about Jerry's Bday Video.... im stuck with trying to figure out what i wanna do for it but i havent forgotten

That is all

  1. dianam avatar

    On Feb 17, dianam said:

    Drama doesnt end I wish it did but nope it doesnt.
    Yep make the best of tomorrow.
    I need to work on Jerry's video too.

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