the good the bad and the questionable?

Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 9:20 PM By: !!~*STARS*~!!

What do ya do when the best isnt good enough?

that keeps running through my head.. pssshhhh

wow i suck i need to blog more..

so anyhoo i saw pr last week. will be seeing them again this friday. (my sat show in hamilton got cancelled ) best experience i ever had with vip and everything... cept waiting in line we got there at 10 am got a parking ticket.. etc.... dont care bout the bad.. just happy with the whole thing they killed it..

oh ya my point for the blog... what do you do when your best isnt good enough? have you ever felt that way that no matter what you do you just cant win.. but you keep trying to stay positive. only to realize it was never your fault?

wow that blew my mind... its really late haha and i like to rant.. just finished painting another proach shirt for my show... contemplating life... i like to paint it clears my head a bit...

i wish people didnt suck all the time


enough complaining. going to sleep

wonder who will read this...


  1. dianam avatar

    On Mar 26, dianam said:

    I read this little late but I did read it. I love reading about your Papa Roach experiance

  2. PapaRoachPunk avatar

    On Mar 21, PapaRoachPunk said:

    Me, I read it. The good sooooo outweighed the bad. No words to describe how awesome your experience was aaahhh :D

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