BlOgZ and HumAnIty

Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 6:36 PM By: !!~*STARS*~!!

whats up my roaches????

haha ok so blogs on here have changed so much.. there used to be soo many people commenting and stuff its crazy and it hasnt been that long.. ha who knows..

any way.. i Just wanted to thank all the guys in proach and katie and ray.. and everyone else involved in all the VIPness from the shows.. my life is now complete

the show in Barrie was the greatest show i had ever been too and it made me reanalyze my life haha.. oh moments like that... i now have restored faith in humanity...

i feel so inspired and amazed and oh there are really not many words that can describe it.. But THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart..

I love Papa Roach and everything they have done for me.. They are the most amazing set of guys that i have ever had the opportunity to meet... and make it worth it to listen to such amazing music.. (i have met some crappy musicians.. who will remain nameless)

They understand their fans and take the time out.. AMAZING

ok ima stop being all corny.. but i needed to get that out..

NOW if only i could enter that contest .. i wish i was in the US...


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