1. Trevor Isom avatar

    On Apr 18, Trevor Isom said:

    haha thank you :D i just found this site and i HAD to join it! ^_^

  2. Swarlos avatar

    On Mar 17, Swarlos said:

    haha lol brandon, doesn't take u very long to say something about ur sister huh

  3. mr.black avatar

    On Mar 08, mr.black said:

    i dont think we have ever talk hi my names brandon how do u do thanx for tha comment to i see uv met my sister lil sister to me i want to start with telling u wat ever she says is not all true bout me

  4. Pop-Up™ avatar

    On Mar 04, Pop-Up™ said:

    Thanks ^^

  5. Devil's little girl avatar

    On Mar 03, Devil's little girl said:

    real good. what about u??

  6. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Mar 03, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    no problem.
    how are you?

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