Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 10:44 AM By: Shaine?Bleeds-In-Tears-?

ok for those of you that havent watched tosh.o, here is a sample,.. and if u havent seen any before this,... you are now black , xD
no but seriously its on comedy centrl', take the time to watch it, u might see your video on there or u might have seen it before, and that just makes it funnyer, here is a sample of what i think is funny,


during this half of the episode iv come up with some lables, as much as i hate them, and some request, there in order so if u watched the video u should know what video im talking about on each comment,'

1.if you are anything but a cat or a 6 and under year old girl, you are eaither mentaly insane, or drunk out of your ass,

2.never call a black person a fag if your mad at him, thats making it harder for all you white ppl with that haircut, like its not bad enough

3. if your a black rapper who actualy goes ";" instead of shooting someone, well, your now officialy not black, you a white girl, and not the hot one, the uglyone who cant get a date who spends her time on the computer 24-7,

4.if you downloaded the love guru, you are now my gay best buddie

5.if you can watch that awsome chipmunk vid without feeling any sappy emotion, your black

6.if you are that fat take some consideraion for yourself and Never lay on your tummy outside in public with your plummers crack hanging out, i mean comon now thats disturbing,

7.if u know a baby that laughs like that , please give it an exersisum,

8. if u actualy watch dane cook please shoot yourself, i mean some of his shit is funny but dont see him in concert, hes just jacked up on speed,meth, and well as much alcohol you can afford with a comedian" salery thats not spent on speed or meth or at the very least pot,

9. if u like soccer your a huge ass !#@$*, seriously thats just a sad sport,

10, ok here is a dare for you, if u can take a video of yourself or of a friend or family member that can bowl like that without looking like a prick, i will kiss your ass xD

11, if u have airsickness and throw up all over yourself when the bplane does a barral roll, please dont record it, thats sick and that makes you sick,

ok now that you have taken the time to read all that here is a request, take the time to look up all those domain name, see if they are taken and send me the link on a comment, please xD, you need to be curious as to what ppl did to those domain names, ;)

  1. Sarah.Slaughter avatar

    On Aug 07, Sarah.Slaughter said:

    lol AWESOME(:

  2. :)Christy(: avatar

    On Aug 04, :)Christy(: said:

    I love that show. :DD

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