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About Sarah-Beth

Sarah Clarke
26th September
Blue eyes and a debatable hair colour :’)

Now that the basics are out of the way…

Hey (:

As you already know, I’m Sarah :) I went to Saint Mary’s [primary] school and I recently left Saint Benedict’s [secondary] school. Thankfully -.-

I’ve got my ears (lobes) pierced twice and I’ve also got my belly button pierced >.< !
I love piercings…and Tattoos :’)

I am optimistically pessimistic, however I do try and have fun the majority of the time :)

Unlike most teenagers I actually ADORE my family. They’re amazeballs :3

You may (or may not…) have noticed that I like wrestling, well I don’t. I love it. Now get over it already!

“OMFG I’d die without music!” Well not quite, certain music – yes. Other music would be the cause of my death [That means you J.Biebs-.-] but tbh the things classed as “music” these days is just horrendous :/ Go on a TV show and you’ve got a record deal, ask mummy && daddy to buy you studio time and your automatically a musician singing about a day in the week. What ever happened to bands and musicians working their guts out to get gigs and money for instruments? Music just isn’t the same anymore.

I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs; I’ve been Straightedge for 3 years :)
I ‘strongly dislike’ [Hates a strong word…] people who treat you like shit 'cause you have different views/interests to them - Seriously, some people need to get over themselves :/

Anyways, that’s me (:
Feel free to add me as a friend.
Unless "U tawk Lyk Dis Bruv!" then learn to speak properly and come back another (more literate) time.


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