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Hey im michelle ...Been a papa roach fan since i heard last resort on the radio a looong time ago lol...ive been to about 20 papa roach concerts ..going on ALOT more this summer...ive met alot of very nice people traveling around to see them like dianam and kaylee...there so nice p-roach has the best fans ever :)...Hope to meet more ...Im pretty much one of the nicest people you can meet anyone is welcome to come up and meet me ..always welcome to new people :)....You guys and Girls ROCK....


------Bands Seen Live------
Papa Roach(Met them 6 times )
Motley Crue (Met Nikki)
Sixx Am (Met Dj Ashba)
God Smack
Drowning pool
Sick Puppies
Smile Empty Soul
Def Leppard (Met Band)
Night Ranger
Van Halen (Met Eddie And His Son)
Aerosmith (Met Band)
Journey (Met Band)
Cheap Trick
ZZ Top
After Midnight Project ( Met 4 Times)
Poison (Met Band)
Cavo (Met them 6 Times)
Theory Of A Deadman (Met Band)
Daughtry (Met Band)
From Guts To Glory (Met Band)
Hell Yeah
12 Stones (Met Band)
Sammy Hagar (Met Sammy)
Bon jovi (Met Jon Bon Jovi)
Dashboard Confessional
Black Veil Brides (Met Andy)

I could never pick a fav papa roach song but they all have helped me get through things jacobys lyrics can never be touched he has a way of connecting to people idk...but papa roach is amazing and has changed my life....

AND TO ALL THOS PEOPLE WHO ARE OUTCASTS AND FEEL ALONE papa roach is an army. We're YOUR army. The outcasts are now an army and people better watch out.

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