Sun, May 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM By: LivvyxCucaracha

Well, tomorrow is the Papa Roach concert I have been eagerly awaiting for about a month and eight days. Even better, I'll be meeting the guys :D
I'm so excited! I'm meeting them with a few of my friends, too, so that makes it even better! Well...if they don't embarrass me. Haha.
I am def. blogging about it tomorrow after the show :D

  1. dianam avatar

    On May 02, dianam said:

    I cant wait for tomorrow been 5 months since i have seen them last hope to meet up with you I am also doing the Vip so I will see you hopefully

  2. LivvyxCucaracha avatar

    On May 02, LivvyxCucaracha said:

    Thanks! I will totally hang with the other Roaches there! I already know I'm gonna have soo much fun!

  3. billyrock avatar

    On May 02, billyrock said:

    You will have the time of your life tomorrow Livvy! The guys are all so cool!!
    I hope you hook up with Dianam and many other Roachs there!!
    Enjoy the show Girl!!
    Viva La Cucaracha!!

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