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    On Jan 13, MetalHead1003 said:

    I see you love BFMV, Well so do I xD
    Die hard fan, saw them live in december, fucking amazing!!!

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    On Aug 14, vern93 said:

    heeyy : ) i know! i cant believe break is over : p i have 1 week left so im gonna try to enjoy it..get use to going to bed at a decent time lol..but on saturday the 21st im seeing william control XD so hopefuly it will be awesome..like my last memory of the summer. ya ill be broke after all the shows i have comming up too but im hoping since 30stm is oct and anberlin is nov i will get those tixs for my bday cuz my bday is next month : ) and ya 30stm is playing at USF like at the sundome at the college but there isnt a link yet to buy tickets so idk. oo enter shikari ya i want to see them but idk i have too much planned : / lol and i will prolly have to pass up the AP tour too but who knows XD so what have u been up to?

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    On Aug 02, vern93 said:

    nooo ur not a bad roach lol. anywaysssss hmm well gigs...i want to go to thrash and brun this thursday to see asking alexandria and motionlessin white but idk if i can go. for sure though on the 21st im seeing william control..then i have uproar with disturbed and a7x on the 5th of september : ) after that.....the 23rd of september is the BFMV date!!! and then october is 30stm but idk about that show cuz now idk if they have a venu and it still says details TBA..i hope they dont cancel it. soo how have u been?

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    On Jul 25, vern93 said:

    heyy : ) whoo see now u have to come on here to read this lol. well warped was epic! minus the rain. i have pics on my myspace. i got a few good ones between total downpours..at one point i had like a bucket of water in my shoe and i could feel it when i walked lol..well i saw almost all the bands i wanted to see except breathe carolina. well i kinda wanted to see pierce the veil and in fear and faith too..ohh well. BUT i did catch parts of alot of sets umm i saw attack attack, alesana, parkway drive, suicide silence, BMTH, the rocket summer, nevershoutnever, four year strong, sum 41..and others. i met bryce avry and alesana XD i LOVEE alesana and the rocket summer and it was my 1st time seeing both of them...i also had a music saves lives wristband so i watched alesana from the stage but aftr 2 songs i got bored and tired of staring at thier backs lol so i pushed my way into the pit XD OH and omg the BMTH pit was brutal! i was up front but backed away to where i had breathing room cuz i was so squished lol and there was a huge wall of death! well ya thats most of the deatails i think. cant wait for next year! maybe BTF will be on the tour

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    On May 21, vern93 said:

    well as it looks now i think bullet is booked through summer but after that maybe a FL date XD im a bit booked on summer shows anyways lol ive about reached my limit. and i saw bullet last summer at mayhem so it wasnt headline but it was main stage so they played about 45 mins. and i will have to get the new rock sound mag!! i need to subscribe to AP mag too lol. ya i went shopping last weekend but just for summer clothes like tank tops. i want a new bullet shirt XD yours sounds awesome! i have plenty of proach but this summer im def getting a BTF shirt and warped shirt. and ya chiodos thier ex singer was craig owens AMAZING voice lol so unique so i didnt know how they were gonna sound an stuff but i will reserve judgement until i hear the new singer XD umm what else oh i get out june 9th...less than 3 weeks! like 13 school days lol but exams start soon : / well hope all is well! have a good weekend : )

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    On May 16, vern93 said:

    heyy sorry its taken me a little bit to get back to u lol. school ahhhh! my minds in summer mode but school isnt out yet : p well im soo jealous u met and saw bullet!! they need to come here. and i LOVE say goodnight lol idk its one of my fav more ballad type songs by them..did it sound amazing live? anyways who did u meet again? padge and jay? jay is the drummer right? well either way i would have died from matts sexy ness and his huge biceps lol : ) and did u see chiodos? i think they opened for them. if so how were they? i love them and saw them at warped tour but then they kicked thier singer out an this is thier first tour with the new guy so im curious as to how they sound. and ya im SO going to warped this summer and almost positive i can see BTF : )!!!!umm what else ohh did u get a new bullet shirt? i only have 1 i need more lol. well ill stop rambling i need to do my math hw anyways bleh : / ohh i hope the moving went well!!

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    On May 07, vern93 said:

    heyy : ) sorry i havent been on here in awhile either lol well u know all about teh proach show last week XD and im still jealous u saw 30stm and jared sexy pink mohawk! haha and hey r some of ur pics of proach ones u took from the show this week? i think thats the same thing coby wore when i saw them lol. and did u see jerrys new guitar? its soo awesome and tobin was looking damn sexy when i saw them, i was on his side. and have fun at bullet tonight!!!! LUCKY lol i hope they come here this summer. umm idk i hope i can see BTF in july, in june im seeing framing hanley then warped tour in july and also carnival of madness. havent bought any of these tixs yet but i hope to go to a few of them OH and the uproar tour in sept. with A7X and disturbed! so going but thats months away. well have a good weekend : )

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    On Apr 18, vern93 said:

    heyy : ) how was ur weekend? its been a few days lol...but im on twitter everyday so it hasnt been that long since weve talked xD haha anyways i cant wait for bullets album! 2 weeks! and plenty of concerts..but bullet and BTF still need to announce dates here. well my weekend has kinda sucked lol. yesterday i went to the beach but it was a bit cloudy and boring. then today it rained all day BUT i did buy the may issue of AP mag which had the rating of bullets album and a short 3 questions interview : ) they gave it 3 out of 5 stars whatever! lol but they did say it was good. umm what else oh i need to buy the march AP mag with 30stm on the cover and i cant see them cuz even if my mom let me its already sold out : p well ill stop rambling haha XD gotta study for my math test. hope u r doing well

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    On Apr 04, vern93 said:

    heyy how was the baseball game? and i hope u had a good weekend : ) ya my break was great. im sad its over though, it went by so fast! oh happy easter! lol anywayss ur seeing proach may 5th? thats awesomeee well i wont tickets to 98 rockfest lol with alice in chains, limp bizkit, sevendust and all these bands so now on the 24th im going to that radio show then the next saturday on the 1st is the proach radio show!!!! the end of this month is gonna kick ass : ) i dont think i can see 30stm though cuz that show is the 28th right in the middle of that week lol. anyways hope u r doing welll : ) oh and is the bullet pic at the top new? holy hell matt is the one in the center ritght? hes hugee lol i wouldnt def not wanna get in a fight with him haah XD

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    On Mar 21, vern93 said:

    its ok i ramble too lol. soo how has ur weekend been? hope u had a good break. ya one wek of school then break! cant wait. and i love atreyu, congregation of the damned is a great album XD and i need to watch the last fight video again but last time i looked at his biceps and your right! they r pretty big lol..like when you really look at them its like damnnn haha. i will have to look at the shoes though. umm do u like asking alexandria? they r from the UK london or something. they r a hardcore screamo type band and i really like them. im going with friends this friday to see attack and breathe carolina and they r gonna be there too. so i listened to them and ya XD something about bands from other countries.like the sick puppies! thier accents r adorable. well i hope u had a better weekend than me. i broke up with my bf today cuz supposedly he cheated on me..he denys it so idk so confusing. well hope u r well : )

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