i didnt know it was guna be this bad

Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 10:42 AM By: edgarnsss

i have absolutely nothing to do today,
everyone is out with their date

while im sitting here bored as hell

  1. brody avatar

    On Feb 14, brody said:

    bah! all you people feeling bad for yourselves... i say embrace being single and take it as a blessing because you're free to make your own decisions and do whatever you want. I have no valentine, but i've turned down many. Bing single is the best way to be! :)

  2. Jacobylover:) avatar

    On Feb 14, Jacobylover:) said:

    Aww I know what you mean. I ain't got nobody to spend it with either. I felt stupid but oh well

  3. hiimbob avatar

    On Feb 14, hiimbob said:

    awwwhh haha I'll bee yew'r valentinee!! haha

  4. PapaRoachBabe1494 avatar

    On Feb 14, PapaRoachBabe1494 said:

    yeah.. i know how you feel. ahh

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