Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 9:26 AM By: anarchy 666

Hey everybody i know imm late with this but hey, what you gonna do about it. Its been 2 months now and me and my girlfriend/wife have never been closer. we talk about every thing and we love each other dearly. So im going to do a POEM!!!!

As i lay next to the phone hoping you would call or txt i wonder what you doing and what we'll be talking about next, your so far but I feel your close, you the one i care about the one i love the most. You are my Angel my light in Darkness the one who keeps me going although when you talk to me I see rather boring, when you call I can't speak for my lungs feel weak, i guess no words can descibe it through, I will always love you.
........i suck at poems

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    On Apr 08, anarchy 666 said:

    thank you love

  2. Savi Czarcasm avatar

    On Apr 06, Savi Czarcasm said:

    Aww Dante,thats soo sweet!
    You don't suck,i loved it

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