ups man is evil

Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 10:17 AM By: @BassNachosTacos

So when i woke up this morning i ran straight to the mail box, nothing.
a few hours later as i stalked the neighbor hood for the ups truck he comes, just now, as i run to the door not so dressed and there is a bigggg package on the porch, so i ran downstairs into my rrom to change, ran back up stairs to the door to receive this package, it wasn't for me.

So if that isn't torture i don't know what is, How wrong it that, just toying with my emotions, so now i guess i have to wait till tomorrow. =(

Very sad day for me

  1. sixxersworld avatar

    On Mar 27, sixxersworld said:

    That sucks big donkey balls!! I havn't gotten mine yet either....I figure it'll be a while since I'm in Canada. But I went and bought it at HMV on Tuesday cause I couldn't stand not having it haha!

  2. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Mar 25, @BassNachosTacos said:

    i wanted to do that but i didn;t have the extra money on me

  3. Fed avatar

    On Mar 24, Fed said:

    I didn't but couldn't wait and went to buy it at the store

  4. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Mar 24, @BassNachosTacos said:

    probably tomorrow

  5. Amanda_here avatar

    On Mar 24, Amanda_here said:

    You didn't get it today?????
    Do you know if it is gonna come by UPS? I got the mail today and I didn't get it.

  6. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Mar 24, @BassNachosTacos said:

    awe, dude my heart hurts i am so sad. =(

    But still encourage every one to go out and buy it

  7. kElLi avatar

    On Mar 24, kElLi said:

    i feel you. my bestie that lives one effin mile away from me got hers yesterday by mail....not for me :(

  8. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Mar 24, @BassNachosTacos said:

    =( thank-you

  9. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 24, Hybrid911 said:

    omg that's awful torture :( my heart goes out to you on that one x

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