Slightly disappointed

Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:36 AM By: @BassNachosTacos

I guess that is the right word to use,
I'm really bummed about this Fuse situation.
I don't know what happened. Did the Children of the Devil beat our spirits to the point we don't even wanna fight anymore?
It seriously looks that way. I know everyone wants the bullshit to stop, and even though i didn't deal much with it, i agree. But does that mean stop voting too?
Just ignore the 3 year olds that come one this site to talk shit. They only did it because they were threaten by us. We kicked major ass before, and we were completely out numbered by Paramore, and we won that round.
We can take down Britney, but everyone that was involved before with the voting needs to jump back on the band wagon.

Yeah sure, we should be stoaked they will be at least guaranteed the second place slot, but why settle when we can take number one?

Where is the fight, where is the spirit?

What the fuck happened to our pride?

I feel like by us just rolling over, we are handing something that they don't deserve. We deserve the recognition so much more, and papa roach has probably worked even harder to survive while everything is more or less handed to "entertainers."

I know they'res a few people still voting hard, and i am too, but we haven't left 5,000 in four days or so and Britney's numbers are just going up.

Where is everyone?


  1. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    yeah there is a delay on how long it takes for the numbers to show but they do count. and it seems more dramatic because the number of people that are voting decresed. So it seems even less effective..

  2. vern93 avatar

    On Nov 30, vern93 said:

    i agree!!!!! i need to start voting but i just didnt wanna deal with it cuz i heard ppl say that our numbers are stuck and ppl vote and vote but we stay the same soooo somethings fucked up there.....

  3. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    Me 2 Connie, Me too....

  4. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    Me 2 Connie, Me too....

  5. camaro avatar

    On Nov 30, camaro said:

    i'm still voting......will fight until the very end!

  6. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    yeah i know that Elliot, there is a delay in how long it takes to show that you voted.

    i voted 30 times and it took 4 refreshed pages and 10m minutes to show it..

    we can still do this.

  7. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    we have 12 days to take over

  8. Elliott manuel193 avatar

    On Nov 30, Elliott manuel193 said:


  9. SaveAHoPalermo avatar

    On Nov 30, SaveAHoPalermo said:

    :o it doesn't work? well I say we take this #paparoach wednesday (screw the TT) and VOTE NON-STOP. I'm sure they will think they have it in the bag and stop in a few days :)

  10. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Nov 30, @BassNachosTacos said:

    really? why do you say that? Do you think it could just be a slight delay of the votes? Like it takes a few minutes to register that a vote was cast?

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