1. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar

    On Aug 23, ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! said:

    i hate the twilight fans!!!they think the cast is so fucking hot but little do they know that they dont fucking like u back!!!damn ..kust like u said!GET A DAMN LIFE!!!!!

  2. Mynyester avatar

    On Aug 03, Mynyester said:

    im with ya dude i mean my friends are like have u seen twilight and i said no cause it looks soooo fucking boring finally someone hates twilight

  3. Stefanieeee avatar

    On Jul 16, Stefanieeee said:

    I like the movies. But a girl in my class is obsessed with the whole Twilight thing. Against some other fans, she isn't so obsessed. Recently I read in my favorite magazine about girls and boys (!) they had filled their room even the ceiling with posters of the film and the actors are hanging. I thought that those parents are crazy that they would buy all that for their child. So just crazy about a movie okay, but maiking a lifestyle of it, freeks me out.

  4. P-RoachFanSince6 avatar

    On Jun 13, P-RoachFanSince6 said:

    il only prtend to like to get a girl

  5. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jun 07, .Taylor. said:

    HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. love..me..hate..me avatar

    On May 15, love..me..hate..me said:

    I read the first 3 when i was in middle school (3 years ago) i never was crazy about it.

    I think its becasue of the 'hot' actors in it. Which i disagree the only hot one there is Alex Meraz and he is only in it for 2 seconds.

    I think its a waste of time fanning over something like this.........hate it, its just gets annoying!

  7. graham avatar

    On Feb 23, graham said:

    they are just weirdos

  8. ILovePapaRoach :P avatar

    On Feb 13, ILovePapaRoach :P said:

    i completely agree, twilight is rubbish! :)

  9. D.W.H. A.K.A WOLF avatar

    On Jan 17, D.W.H. A.K.A WOLF said:

    yeah i mean i started to read the book then everyone just went crazy about it so i stopped reading it

  10. Katniss1987 avatar

    On Jan 15, Katniss1987 said:

    it's like swine flu it's everywhere also like polish people and god

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