1. leeleee avatar

    On Nov 03, leeleee said:

    no contest. Sixx AM

  2. rave avatar

    On Oct 21, rave said:

    sixx a.m. fo sho

  3. Fluffnation avatar

    On Oct 18, Fluffnation said:

    wow thats the first used

  4. Silly Goose avatar

    On Oct 15, Silly Goose said:

    THE USED!!! Love em! Cant beat em! Defo THE USED!! Haha =P

  5. skylar shaddix™ avatar

    On Oct 11, skylar shaddix™ said:

    sixx a.m.
    by far.

  6. Fluffnation avatar

    On Oct 09, Fluffnation said:

    hey dude i was just asking geez

  7. live.this.down avatar

    On Oct 07, live.this.down said:

    that was a stupid question... Sixx: A.M. is definitely better haha

  8. maissu avatar

    On Oct 04, maissu said:

    They are both good, but I prefer sixx a.m.

  9. Fluffnation avatar

    On Oct 03, Fluffnation said:

    yea i kno both of them r good

  10. Courtney avatar

    On Oct 03, Courtney said:

    sixx a.m.

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