its been awhile

Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 1:19 PM By: Fluffnation

it really has ive been busy with a bunch of stuff and i havent felt like bloging so far this month has been up and down like my step mom is irritating she is always trying to look for ways to yell at me and make feel like my dad is gunna expload wen i break a rule or something

also school has been real boring and stupid today in 1st period i was depressed for no reason (no joke) and also this kid got aressted i dont kno why tho

so ive changed my user name cause i no longer go by SLASHER now i just gave up on it

so at this point now i really almost have no friends cause ive broken away from them and i only have 2 real friends at school but all the other friends r just some one to talk to there is no real connection

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    On Oct 19, Fluffnation said:

    yea i only mentioned the bad parts i went to my grandmas and i mite go live with my mom along with a bunch of other good stuff

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    On Oct 19, paparoach fan 2009 said:

    vrey funny i for got to lol god u need help

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