1. JamieRage avatar

    On Jul 18, JamieRage said:

    yo wuts up? ur a juggalo too? i've been a lette for a while now XD mcl

  2. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Apr 10, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    it's ok i didn't say tna is like old wcw it's kinda like old raw from the attitude era. if you don't like raw why do you watch it (if you do watch it)

  3. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Apr 08, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    yeah i agree with you on the Raw guest host thing but can't we just be friends?

  4. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Apr 08, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    i beg to differ i don't watch tna cuz they are just taking all of wwe's old superstarts and putting them back in the ring after 15 or 20 some-odd years which is just stupid.

  5. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Feb 20, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    same here lol nothing to exciting going on :P
    do anything fun this weekend?

  6. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Feb 10, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    hey there it has been awhile :P
    whats up?

  7. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On Jan 01, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  8. DUB STEP BOB3 avatar

    On Dec 28, DUB STEP BOB3 said:

    hello so do you sk8

  9. Bloody Corpse avatar
  10. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Dec 16, Bloody Corpse said:

    yap :)) add MEEEE :)) CoMy Hazzaza

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