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Dominican but I live in the US of A
PROACH fan for about 6 or almost 7 years :)(also the time I have been a fan of rock, hey you know what they say, once you go black you can't go back:D)...there was a time when I felt all hope was lost for me, during this time I started listening to the might sound stupid but in a way they were my saviors. Their music was the only place where I felt happy. One of the happiest days of my life was when i got to see them perform in my town, i will never forget that day. I know that I will forever stay a die hard fan of these guys :)

PROACH shows I've been to...

11/14/2008 Reading, PA and got to meet them :D!!!

10/09/2010 Atlantic City, NJ was INSANE!

05/22/2011 Camden, NJ... really long day and not very nice weather! guys should have headlined, they were amazing as usual :P

01/20/2013 Bethlehem, PA... always so much energy with theses guys, I felt like it was the first time seeing them. Sang along to every song even though I had laryngitis :P They should have played longer. Really hoped to meet them afterwards, but they went to the casino instead :'( (it's okay, i still love them)

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