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About Anabelle

Dominican but I live in the US of A
PROACH fan for about 7 or almost 8 years :)(also the time I have been a fan of rock, hey you know what they say, once you go black you can't go back:D)...there was a time when I felt all hope was lost for me, during this time I started listening to the might sound stupid but in a way they were my saviors. Their music was the only place where I felt happy. One of the happiest days of my life was when i got to see them perform in my town, i will never forget that day. I know that I will forever stay a die hard fan of these guys :)

PROACH shows I've been to...

11/14/2008 Reading, PA and got to meet them :D!!!
Us w/ batteries died right on time:)

Jacoby and I... more chillaxed in this pic....

us w/ the b-day boy....Tobin!

10/09/2010 Atlantic City, NJ was insane!

05/22/2011 Camden, NJ... really long day and not very nice weather! guys should have headlined, they were amazing as usual :P

01/20/2013 Bethlehem, PA... Again with the energy! :P the concert was great, only thing I didn't like was that they didn't come out to meet fans afterwards, but I can't blame them, it was really freaking cold.

11/23/2013 Saarbruecken, Germany... By far one of the best shows I have been to from these guys! So much energy from them and from the crowd. What topped it all off was that even though it was cold they still came out to meet the fans that waited around. So glad I got to meet then again, reminded me why love this band so much and will continue to be a fan :D


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