1. FRED. avatar

    On Jan 16, FRED. said:

    Hey !! Comment ├ža va depuis le temps?! :)

  2. Jordan:):) avatar

    On Jan 09, Jordan:):) said:

    idk what that grade is either lol. and i just dont like it here i find it really boring here. and i have kno idea who that is lol??

  3. xAllStarx avatar

    On Jan 07, xAllStarx said:

    en effet, il y a quelques jours il pleut ici :)
    et il fait froid la-bas?

  4. Jordan:):) avatar

    On Jan 05, Jordan:):) said:

    lol school sucked today i cant wait till may ill finally be done with high school! lol what grade you in?

  5. Jordan:):) avatar

    On Jan 02, Jordan:):) said:

    not much whats gping on with you? happy new year!!!!! :):))

  6. xAllStarx avatar

    On Jan 02, xAllStarx said:

    Salut!!! :)) je parle francais :) et bonne annee a toi aussi :))

  7. SaD/eMo/EvIl 27643 avatar
  8. Paahq avatar

    On Nov 21, Paahq said:

    aaaah, really? well, you're lucky, there's snow in your country. :/ and its kinda cold. you should say your parents adopt me haha then i'll live in France, where there's snow and cold weather :(

  9. Paahq avatar

    On Nov 20, Paahq said:

    hmmm but i googled your town haha
    such a lovely place! ;)
    at least PR play concerts in France every year though...i guess.

  10. Paahq avatar

    On Nov 17, Paahq said:

    Yepp! haha :P
    Oh well...nothing interesting actually
    What's going on in Grenoble? (:

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