Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 6:40 AM By: sum987

i so needed to write a blog about this...
A7X is my fav band ever along with Proach and this news really shocked me.
the bad news came to my hears through a damn sms... i was on holydays with my friends to spend new year's eve on the mountains and i would have not find out if my friend helly didn't tell us since we didn't have internet there. ironically i was playing the drums at guitar hero when the news came as a punch in my stomach...
i just fell blank, didn't know what to say... it was like losing a friend, a part of my own family and i know this may sound childish but a7x saved my life so many times...
jimmy was the first one i had the chance to meet. it was 28th feb 2006, avenged played their first show in italy ever. it was around 2pm, everybody was inside the hall of the venue cause it was damn cold in milan. but i just couldn't stay there, the tourbuses were parked right in front of us! so i went out and lighted a cigarette and started looking around... suddenly, jimmy came out from the back entrance! i was like "HEYYY!!!" he came towards me, we were complitely alone, except for a girl talking on the phone a couple of meters away. i asked him to take a picture with me and he was so kind! jimmy is a giant, and i'm only 5 1' so i asked if he could bend a bit...xD in a couple of minutes all the kids arrived and he was so nice to everyone... he had a glass of juice in one hand and cookies in the other one so he had to put the glass on the ground in order to shake everybody's hand and take pictures... xD ( i have that glass in a plastic bag jelously kept in my room) after he spend some time with us he tried to get on the bus but had to struggle with his keys, so he had 5 minutes of panic before somebody opend him from inside the bus...that was funny!XD i'll always remember that show! and i'll always remember jimmy!
a7x made me travel the world, make awesome new friends, made me cry and laugh, relieve my pain and anger, they gave me a shelter when a friend passed away... they give me strenght and my deathbat tatt, my first tatt ever, is a tribute to them.
jimmy, you'll always be missed!!! love you tons

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    On Jan 08, Matt.B said:

    รจ stata una grande perdita... una mazzata colossale anche per me.. era il mio batterista preferito... :(
    show must go on...

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