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  2. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar
  3. Shaddix_Gurl21 avatar

    On Sep 20, Shaddix_Gurl21 said:

    Hello there I a Come from Denver Colorado as u might know And I am bored at the moment

  4. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Aug 04, *Filthy Roach* said:

    hey i havent been here for a good while xd how r u?

  5. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Jul 28, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    Hey whats up? :)

  6. crazyrockchic96 avatar

    On Jul 25, crazyrockchic96 said:

    thats cool i like the dark,and blood and all that =]

  7. Hannah(: avatar

    On Jul 15, Hannah(: said:


  8. Hannah(: avatar

    On Jul 13, Hannah(: said:


  9. Blazen Roach avatar

    On Jun 24, Blazen Roach said:

    no problem homie im josh

  10. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Jun 18, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    so doin anything fun for the weekend? :D

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