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About The Asylum Reject

Um, hi.
I'm a rock fan (duh, why else would I be on here? I'm not a hater) and my list of bands are LONG. I listen to almost any other rock, like indie or alternative, but metal and hard rock tend to be my main genres:
Rise Against
Papa Roach
Green Day
The Offspring
My Chemical Romance
Five Finger Death Punch
Alice In Chains
System Of A Down
All-American Rejects
Avenged Sevenfold
30 Seconds To Mars
Widespread Panic
Three Days Grace
3 Doors Down
Breaking Benjamin
Linkin Park
Jimmy Eat World
Sixx A.M.
My Darkest Days
Evergreen Terrace
As I Lay Dying
Modest Mouse
Escape The Fate
Black Veil Brides (but really, I only like their album We Stitch These Wounds)
Bring Me The Horizon
Hollywood Undead
Falling In Reverse

These are in a completely random order XD not by favoritism.

I have friends who are so close to me, they're practically my sisters. I love them all, and thank you for everything ^.^

I'm normally quite explicit, so if you don't like it, just go fuck something.

I am not liable for any mental injuries/illnesses caused by explicit language, insanity, nerdiness, and perviness. I am also not responsible for any medical bills this may cause.

Glad to have this talk ^.^ feel free to friend me, I'm not half as weird as I act. Hope to talk to you soon~


"We prefer to be called 'intellectual badasses'." - LeighVengeance

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you think you're alive then you're better off dead."
- Bring Me The Horizon "Diamonds Aren't Forever"

I know I have more quotes somewhere! D: I HAVE TO FIND THEM!

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