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About skye

Hey my name is skye im 16 and i have been thow alot in my life but i have a boyfriend and his name is steven and one of my old friends moved back and she wants me to move in with her and im going to as soon as i turn 17 and thats going to be soon my bithday in february 8 i cant wait and my boyfriend is moving in with us to my family is in portent to me like my mom janie ,step dad john ,my 2 sisters mayaca and little sister alisha and i have 4 brothers william, matthew ,joel, and darrel but me william and matthew have the same dad see my dad died and my got meirred again and had two more kids and thay are alisha and joel and then my step dad find his kids after 12 years and thats macaya ,and darrel .I have always wanted a older brother and sister and know i do my step sister is 20 and my step brother is 19 i like having them in the family well i have to go know if you want to know more just write me . love skye

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