i really need y'all's help plzz :(

Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 8:56 AM By: XxkaylaxX

so i have this guy who was my best of best friends right. well recently i went to Utah fro a family vacation and i bought him this awesome necklace that happened to have rebel flags on it. now neither of us are rednecks but it was a pretty awesome necklace. well the day after i gave it to him(his b-day) he texted me and said 'you know i'm not a necklace and your boi is a redneck and is racist and i don't want to be like him.' well the thing is, my boi wasn't even in this! well my friend continued to bash my boi and then he started bashing me! i asked him what i did to piss him off so bad and then he stopped texting me. well that night i cried myself to sleep and then he text me today and was like 'are you still mad at me' and i was like 'do you think im just going to get over this? you really hurt me' and he said 'your ridiculous and full of shit.' and so i stopped texting me. what do i do y'all? i really need y'all's help :(

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    On Jul 22, cynthia shaddix said:

    Omg wat an ass it was just a gift from a great friend n he acts like that wat a bitch

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    On Jul 22, V2Vlover said:

    i think you shld give him time to get over it, let him cool off and then try talkin to him agian. i think he prob doesnt like being compared to ur bf, even if thats not what you intended thats what he saw it as. so just let him cool off and then try explaining to him what u really meant.

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