names plzz

Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 1:21 PM By: XxkaylaxX

alright so i'm working on writing a book right? so far so good but i need great names for all the characters. if anyone has name's that they like/love could y'all tell me them so i have some more ideas? thanks!

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    On Aug 06, Mynyester said:

    no problem

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    On Aug 06, Mynyester said:

    guys: jacoby dominic cody steven hunter bob michael (thats all i can think of for the guys)

    girls: hannah jade briana stephinie roxy brookelyn brooke angelina kristina taylor hayley (and i think thats it)


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    On Aug 06, Glitter_666 said:

    girls: jayde, zan, anya, truley, bella, stephanie, courtney, sharaya, macey, kayla, angel, alora, shaneece, savanah, emily, amanda, sparrow, robyn, hannah, ashley, nikki, mickey angela, breeze athena, lily.
    guys: chester, bryce, john, oliver, steve, chris, nikki, nick, mick, tom victor, vince, spencer, fred.

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    On Aug 06, xxYESENiAxx said:

    chicks: shaunee, chantell, mykee, shawnessy, desiree, lia, roxxie, ezra, kaisey (haha weird names but i like em)
    guys: xander, dominic, cray, caleb, ezra (again) (haha sorry not alot of guy names and yeah again they're weird)
    goodluck with the book(:

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