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Fri, May 1, 2009 at 8:01 AM By: papa_roachgrl67

Hello0o all my crazy fellow rioters i havent wrote a blog in awhile askin for ur guyz opinions well here it is....I want to know ur honest opinions on long distance relationships. Do you believe they will work if both partners put forth the effort no matter the distance or do u think it will never work because you cant see each other often or at all. etc.
* I would love to hear from as many ppl as possible*
~~Love ya all insane bitches!~~

  1. Quilly avatar

    On May 26, Quilly said:

    da fuck you make that work forgiving a guy who cheated is bad and he has a kid now with someone else he probs still with her and with you for some cam sex
    and cry together is one thing
    cut your wrist together that seriously bad grow up o.O

  2. melkitty avatar

    On May 13, melkitty said:

    i think it would work, it just all depends on whether or not the effort and love is true. You just have to make sure he is trustworthy.....i once had a long distance relationship and he cheated on me with my best friend O.o (didnt see that coming, ha).... anywho, i think it could work...just work hard for who you love and you'll get there. ^.^

  3. Decade Doug avatar

    On Apr 08, Decade Doug said:

    I dated a girl for over a year, LD. Was one of the better relationships I had. Yea, it was harder, but we each worked our schedules out so we could spend friday- sunday night together. We rotated who drove every week (about a 3.5-4 drive). All was good, until she transfered schools and we got an apartment together (it was a 2 bed room for the two of us and had plenty of living space for 2 people). We broke up about 3 months later, and it was by far the worst ending to a relationship I ever had. Once we moved in we each got to see another side of each other we never saw before. It was too easy to hide little things and only focus on what you want to when your just spending weekends together.
    So what I say to you is, if your looking for a relationship, I say go for it, But think twice about how fast you move. And if it doesn't work out, oh well life goes on. but sometimes "ya got to roll the dice, never look back and never think twice"

  4. lovetragedy avatar

    On Feb 12, lovetragedy said:

    they never work. end of story.

  5. Holly. avatar

    On Feb 10, Holly. said:

    :) hello.

  6. †An Eve†ning's Black Rose† avatar

    But if both partners put effort into the long distance relationship, I'm pretty sure it wuld work out.... but that would take A LOT OF effort....

  7. †An Eve†ning's Black Rose† avatar

    I've tried one........ It does Not work out well.... because it's hard when u can't see ur partner every day. u begin to pull away from eachother, and that's the sad part about it

  8. DrugxOverdose avatar

    On Jan 18, DrugxOverdose said:

    For me, honestly, it couldn't work. You never know what they're doing, can never see eachother, etc....And then, I am the kind of person that actually has to BE with that person.. I'm not clingy, but I like seeing the smile on their face, hearing them laugh in person...

    That's just me, but I'm sure others agree

  9. _rayne_ avatar

    On Oct 07, _rayne_ said:

    I'm in love with someone a looong way away from me. Every time we get a fight, or one of us fucks up, we get back together. I t doesn't matter what we've done. Like, for instance, he cheated on me and got some other chick pregnant. It took a while, but I forgave him. We both put a lot of effort into it and we both cry our eyes out and cut our wrrists for eachother.. but it works.

  10. emo_pudding_bamf!!! avatar

    On Sep 24, emo_pudding_bamf!!! said:

    im in a long distance relationship, and its so great, i love him soooooooooo much!!! and i know we will meet someday, but right now, all we can do i video chat, but its been working sooooooooooooooo well

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