1. bmobley4201 avatar

    On Oct 28, bmobley4201 said:

    Definitely a Shaddix addict!!!!!!

  2. PAPA ROACH jazzlyn avatar

    On May 29, PAPA ROACH jazzlyn said:


  3. snowy_the_emo_penguin avatar
  4. JanineGotKilled avatar

    On Nov 12, JanineGotKilled said:

    ~raises hand~ He is everything about my childhood!! :)

  5. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 05, LillySixxx said:


  6. Elii Roach Shaddix avatar

    On May 26, Elii Roach Shaddix said:

    I lovee him so much!! :)

  7. ~Little Red~ avatar

    On May 24, ~Little Red~ said:

    *raises hand* Jacoby is my love!

  8. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On Mar 25, Jacqueline87 said:

    i raise both hands i can honestly say shaddix is my addiction hehe

  9. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On Mar 11, Jacqueline87 said:

    i can honestly say that i am addicted to the shaddix

  10. alyssarenee avatar

    On Aug 24, alyssarenee said:

    me too but he is married, its hard to love from afar !and you r probably to young for him

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