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Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 8:30 PM By: papa_roachgrl67

ok lets say for some reason a magic cockroach comes and knocks on ur door and tells u that u have 1 wish....the band sent out a magic roach to every pr fan just on this site. so the roach asks u if u had 1 wish that deals with anything papa roach what would it be and he would tell the band and possibly they could make it come true!

**Get creative** What are ur deepest, darkest, most exciting and crazy hopes that u wish would come true!

Mine well of coure to marry jacoby, get to go everywhere on tour with him and travel and also have many many little jacobys! ^__^

  1. FallenAngelBVB avatar

    On Dec 17, FallenAngelBVB said:

    Met all of them. Be on a photo with all :)

  2. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar

    On Nov 29, Jacoby Adam Bennington said:

    I agree with JanineGotKilled, except I'd touch him with my lips instead, lol, whoo hoo!!!!!!!!
    And sing on stage with them every time and be friends with them.
    Was I supposed to make 1 wish? Whoops.

  3. JanineGotKilled avatar

    On Nov 12, JanineGotKilled said:

    hmm.. me, well.. i just want to stare at jacoby's eyes, touch his face, making sure its real.. hehe.. and just here his voice.. woooooooooooo!!! \m/

  4. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 05, LillySixxx said:

    :) yes you're right :) (Mine well of coure to marry jacoby, get to go everywhere on tour with him and travel and also have many many little jacobys! ^__^ )

  5. 316rachel avatar

    On Oct 17, 316rachel said:

    to be singer in any of my favorite bands Hell Yeah!! lml

  6. Proach avatar

    On Jul 26, Proach said:

    To be not an idiot

  7. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On Mar 25, Jacqueline87 said:

    my 1 wish would obviously to meet jacoby n have 1 nite of mad passion wiv him hahaaaa lol

  8. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Nov 06, atl_dreamer said:

    All the lies(liars) and sneaky n'reckless people would die
    And never pain,sadness and wars more

  9. mrs-shaddix87 avatar

    On Oct 05, mrs-shaddix87 said:

    To go on tour with the band would be pretty awesome!

  10. Ally687 avatar

    On Sep 03, Ally687 said:

    To have an infinite number of wishes xD ;)

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