1. blackrose12 avatar

    On Jul 28, blackrose12 said:

    my fiance came up with this one for me....King Khong! (Spelled just like that) ;)

  2. PAPA ROACH jazzlyn avatar

    On May 29, PAPA ROACH jazzlyn said:


  3. snowy_the_emo_penguin avatar
  4. Criminal Whore avatar

    On Apr 15, Criminal Whore said:

    I haven't a penis, but if I had one, I'll call the sponge bob =D

  5. HARLEY. avatar

    On Sep 21, HARLEY. said:

    GODZILLA.......haha watch out

  6. Khira avatar

    On Aug 26, Khira said:

    AAAAhahaha! I'll never be able to watch TV with my kids again!

    "Curious George." Oh god! XD

  7. Nahuel Dakota avatar

    On Aug 11, Nahuel Dakota said:

    well really my name dont have a penis so his name is "schulsmaister-mausen-struchgen-munchen strogonofchersen III

  8. LouiseShaddix avatar

    On Aug 11, LouiseShaddix said:

    Blue-veined junket pumper lol

  9. iitsVince avatar

    On Aug 05, iitsVince said:

    jook pull hook

  10. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar

    On Aug 05, ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! said:

    wow whats happened to this world ?????guys naming their penis
    but i dnt really mind most of the guys i know have names 4 their penis anyways!!!!

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