Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 8:34 AM By: little[R]oach93

I feel like im alone. My friends are... not really my friends. They act like it, but i know they are lying to me. I think one or two might be for real... but I'll never know for sure. I hate it. Feels like the only people i can talk to about things is my older brother and boyfriend. And there's even things i can't say to them... this sucks :/

  1. nikki78_proach avatar

    On Feb 02, nikki78_proach said:

    i know how you feel. the only person ive been able to talk to lately is my boyfriend because ive been hanging out with him so much that ive been ignoring my friends. it sucks but what ive learned is you need to try and hold on to the friends you do have while there still there because you will miss them when there gone. and you will know that they are your true friends if they never leave you and stick with you through everything, even the tough times!

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    On Feb 01, jsgirl91 said:

    Im sorry. If you ever need to talk i am here.

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